WES LOCHER: Writer. Creator. Human Being.

Wes Locher

I’m Wes Locher (pronounced “Low-Curr” — unless you are a telemarketer).

I’ve written comic books for myriad publishers including Titan Comics (Winner of Undiscovered Talent Contest, 2015), Alterna Comics (UNIT 44, 2015), Markosia Enterprises (THE UNDOUBTABLES, 2014), Arcana Studios (CHAMBERS, 2013), Primary Target Press (HIPSTERS VS. REDNECKS, THE TEMPORAL, MAINTENANCE, 2015-16), and contributed short comics to anthologies published by Alterna Comics and GrayHaven Comics.

I’ve written video games for Pocket Gems Games (FUTURE: UNCERTAIN, VENGEANCE, 2015), Nanobit Software (LOST IN FAME, 2017), Based on the Play (RESEQUENCED, Q2 2017), and PulseTense Games (TBA, 2017) as well as served as a visual consultant for the Pocket Gems games PRETTY LITTLE LIARS (licensed by Warner Brothers), MEAN GIRLS: SORORITY RUSH and MEAN GIRLS: SENIOR YEAR (based on the 2004 hit movie/licensed by Paramount Pictures) through the company’s app, EPISODE (iOS/Android).

I’ve written books including Musings on Minutiae, a collection of humorous essays self-published in 2010.

If you have a creative writing project that you’d like to bring to life, consider dropping a line. We can create something awesome together and then high five when it’s complete.