It’s hard enough being a college student, so when Lux Hart returns home for summer break to find her parents missing, stress is at an all-time high. Lux discovers her parents were part of a secret government organization called The Redaction Commission, tasked with exploring bizarre and fantastic cases. With her mom and dad in trouble, Lux must accept a set of strange powers if she hopes to bring them home safely.

Publisher: Based on the Play
Platform: PC/Mac, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Role: Lead Narrative Writer
Release date: Coming August, 2018
Genre: Action, comedy
Format: Open world action RPG
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I served as the lead writer for Re*Sequenced, retrofitting an overarching story into 11 pre-existing levels of action/RPG gameplay.

I was responsible for creating all necessary characters, writing all dialogue for voiceover actors, designing each level’s main quests, items, descriptions, and in-game lore documents, as well as the project’s comprehensive story bible.


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