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The Temporal Update #1

After discussing the project with numerous artists and lots of starts and stops, my time travel/sci-fi One-Shot THE TEMPORAL is now underway with awesome artist Kristian Rossi handling the pencil and ink duties. I wasn’t always sure what style I wanted to see this story in, but after checking out Kristian’s art, I knew I’d found the man for the job. We’re in the early stages of production, but anticipate his work being done by June.

While pages are being drawn, be sure to check out the awesome art on his website, and just to whet your appetite a bit, below you’ll find the plot synopsis along with a character sketch of our protagonist, Justin Sharp.

Young scientist, Justin Sharp, is contracted by the U.S. Military to crack the secrets of time travel. Before he hands the project over to the military, he just needs to make one small adjustment to his life…

Protek Update #1

Check out a concept sketch for my Superhero comic, PROTEK, who will be making an appearance soon in a 5 page story done in collaboration with AMAZING artist Jay Hernandez. I originally wrote the character with a C on the end of the name, but the K looks a little more hero-like. At least, that’s what I’m telling myself.

Protek is the only Superhero in Los Angeles and discovers that his arch enemy just might be the paparazzi.

Leaving Battalia Update

After 3 months of brainstorming, daydreaming, and late night typing, I have completed the first draft of Leaving Battalia. It weighs in at 144 pages (6 issues). The pitch has been written and Chris Binns is working diligently on the art for Issue #1. I look forward to getting it to some publishers in hopes that we can find it a home!

In the meantime, check out this amazing splash page from Chris.
Get excited!

Leaving Battalia: Character Sketches

Check out the original character sketches for Leaving Battalia as drawn by Chris Binns.

Read the finished comic by CLICKING HERE.

Crosswire: Original Sketches

Check out the original character sketches for Crosswire as drawn by Tayson Martindale.

Read the finished comic by CLICKING HERE.

From the Archives: Aegis-1 Concept Art

Concept Art for an abandoned comic project, AEGIS-1.

This is concept art for a superhero/adventure comic that I wrote a spec script for based off of an original idea from the artist but for one reason or another, it didn’t pan out. The main character was a teenage girl, and considering that I’m not a teenage girl, it was pretty fun to write.

Art by Robert Nix.

First Look: Chambers

First look at some character sketches from my crime/noir comic book, CHAMBERS.
Art on CHAMBERS is complete and the finished pages are currently being lettered by Amanda Kent. Watch for it soon!

Art by Alex Kmeto.


Rough pencils from page 1 of CHAMBERS.

First Look: Setback

Here’s your first look at some of the art from the upcoming superhero comic, SETBACK, which I’m co-writing with Shaun Ramkissoon.

Art by Shaun Ramkissoon.


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