The Temporal Update #1

After discussing the project with numerous artists and lots of starts and stops, my time travel/sci-fi One-Shot THE TEMPORAL is now underway with awesome artist Kristian Rossi handling the pencil and ink duties. I wasn’t always sure what style I wanted to see this story in, but after checking out Kristian’s art, I knew I’d found the man for the job. We’re in the early stages of production, but anticipate his work being done by June.

While pages are being drawn, be sure to check out the awesome art on his website, and just to whet your appetite a bit, below you’ll find the plot synopsis along with a character sketch of our protagonist, Justin Sharp.

Young scientist, Justin Sharp, is contracted by the U.S. Military to crack the secrets of time travel. Before he hands the project over to the military, he just needs to make one small adjustment to his life…

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About Wes Locher

Wes Locher is the writer the crime-fiction comic book, Chambers, published by Arcana Studio (Sept. – Dec. 2013), the community sci-fi webcomic Innovation (Nov. 2013), and has contributed crime, sci-fi, spy and public domain shorts to The Gathering anthology series (2013-14), published monthly by GrayHaven Comics. In 2014 Wes will debut three new comic book miniseries including New Life, The Undoubtables, and the recently-Kickstarted Unit 44. In 2009, Wes self-published his first book, a collection of 50 humorous essays titled Musings on Minutiae.

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